Error PostText : text/plain charset=utf-8


im trying to save 2 photos from TaifunCamera to Google Spreadsheet and google drive, if just 1 photo, its successfull, but when im edit the block and the code, its appear error : text/plain; charset=utf-8

its the block ;

and then its the app script
Error text-plain charsetutf8.txt (1.8 KB)

can you help me guys ? thanks

Where does the error appear ? Please show a screenshot etc.

this is from web1.gottext - responsecontent

I see a missing & in your PostText block for before filename2=


i got it, im forget about "&"
thank you very much

I am always doing it too :wink:

I would recommend considering just doing one image file at a time, given the potential size of the base64 text. Phone images can get up to 8mb which converts to @ 11mb of base64....

from the beginning my idea is combine 2 photos from TaifuCamera at once (side by side), but i dont find how to do that

You could possibly use a canvas to do this

Can you tell me tutorial or example for combine 2 images with canvas ?

While im compile the project to apk, and install it,
Appear this error, can you help me again mr TIMAI2 ?

Your project will need debugging.

I can have a look, you will need to share your aia project by Private Message because you are using a paid extension.

i will share my aia by Private Message, but your account "This user's public profile is hidden"

I have made a few changes.

I believe that missing image might have caused the error?
Also changed your date/time format to remove forward slashes
Removed parentheses from the file names
Moved clock1 to false to the right place
removed a notifer progress dialog not needed

aia in private message

Oke i will try this aia. Thanks for helping me

Pleased to hear it now works :slight_smile:

To answer your other question about two images on a canvas, here attached is a demo, using two images and an html file in the assets. The canvas image is saved to either the root of the virtual sdcard or the root of the ASD, depending on which android version you are running.

If using this, the html file must be in the same directory as the images.

twoImagesOneCanvas.aia (37.2 KB)

The setting of dimensions for the images is explained here (but was for the entire canvas and not a sprite inside it)

Yessssss got it, it works. Thanks again

And about 2 canvas into 1, i will try and i wil learn from that aia, thanks again for example

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