Error on txt file comma

I have a problem when reading a separated text file, there is a number with a value of 1,650 and this number constitutes a problem when reading, it is understood by a different index that separates the number into two parts, so what is the solution

This text is 4 words, but it reads 5 words because it is separated, what is the solution?

  1. Remove the comma....
  2. Put all the elements inside double quotes > "Test","123","1,650","test4"

You need a discussion with whoever made that text file.

If I replace, in my text file, replace , to | How can I read it

You can not replace comma with |, you need change the decimal separator or put all the elements inside double quotes as TIM said.

  1. Test,123,1.650,test4
  2. "Test","123","1,650","test4"
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Thanks Dear

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