Error of companion: no method named `ActionBar’ in class

what does it mean ?
""Erreur de Compagnon: invoke: no method named `ActionBar’ in class “” ??

Most probably project is using a component or block that the Companion does not recognize - missing

thank you.
can you tell me what is ((actionbar)) please?

is this an original App Inventor project or are you trying to import a project, which was created in one of the App Inventor distributions?
are you using any extension?


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this is an original app inventor project actually.
about the extensions, i just opened the app and didn’t add any extensions at all!

If you look in the Screen1.scm file, ActionBar is mentioned…a key:value pair…worth looking at yours to see if it is the same ? (To do this save your aia to your computer, open with an unzip program and traverse the src directory until you find Screen1.scm)

{"authURL":[""],"YaVersion":"206","Source":"Form","Properties":{"$Name":"Screen1","$Type":"Form","$Version":"27","ActionBar":"True","AlignHorizontal":"3","AppName":"webtabs","BackgroundColor":"&HFF444444","Theme":"AppTheme.Light.DarkActionBar","Title":"Webview Tabs","Uuid":"0","$Components":[{"$Name":"Label1","$Type":"Label","$Version":"5","Uuid":"1970758212"}.....

Which version of the companion are you using? The ActionBar method has been in the companion since version 2.45. You may need to update your companion.