Error Message when opening project with Bluetooth Client

Since yesterday I have got the error message below

A problem occurred while loading this project. No upgrade strategy exists for BluetoothClient from version 6 to 7.

when opening projects which use the Bluetooth Client component.

What does this mean?


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Hello Iain

It sounds like this is an 'old' Project? I have never seen this error message before.


This project is only about a month old.
There was no error message when I opened the project yesterday morning but when opening it later the message appeared.
I wonder if there has been an upgrade to the App Inventor web pages?

OK - It is caused by the new version App Inventor just launched (nb190).

..... I am reporting the issue to MIT. It does not seem to be an issue in itself, just that the newer version of the BT Client with an earlier version Project.

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buenas tardes, tambien tengo el mismo error, el día de ayer funcionaba correctamente, y hoy sale eso :frowning:

has obtenido alguna solución?

try this



me too !

me too ! ,
did you reach any solution ?

Did you try what @Taifun suggested?

I have the same problem. I tried replalcing the older BluetoothClinet1 to a new BluetoothClinet2, but this method still failed. Can anyone can fix it? Many thanks!


Hi . Same problem for me . I did the Anke solution (on all screen) and the message effectively disappeared. But when I used companion to test the prog I received ths message :slight_smile: Need > android.permission.BLUETOOTH_CONNECT permission for android.content.AttributionSource@d1d871be: AdapterService getBondedDevices

Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds

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Many Thanks Anke

seems to works fine now .

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just did, and guess what >> worked fine for ALL other projects that has bluetooth what i did for ONLY ONE project while kept the others as they were and all worked fine ! . what i did was ONLY changing to the new bluetooth client, reload my browser , delete bluetooth#2 , export, delete prog from workspace and from trash too, import that project and RUN ONLY that 1st part (attached ).. no need for the 2nd block .. then my cell asked me for bluetooth permission , granted >> every single project worked AS IT IS without adding this block (unless will be working on another new cell ...etc)

Unclear, explain in more detail where the problem is and if an error occurs and which one ...
and on which Android version.