Error message using mitai2 companion

I am facing this message:


after scanning the QRcode i got the message above
please help me

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Try using a normal QR code reader to open the link.

at moment i sorted downloading the apk

How did that URL get there?


That is where, if not scanning the QR code, you can type-in the six character code instead.

That is when you build your app, you get a URL like that.

Ah yes - I though we were talking Companion, not APK. My bad then.

But that should still work - the Companion can also automatically detect if this is a URL, and it can lead the user to the download page. This would for me several times, but not in the OP's instance. That is why I suggested to use a QR choose reader instead.

I think it is likely to be only a momentary issue, possibly a tiny WiFi glitch that nothing else would notice.

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When you scan the Build QR code, it will display the URL instead of the code.

I think if you read the other posts, that has already been established.