Error Message from Google Play

HI, When trying to submit this new app to Google Play I received this error message that I'm not sure how to fix. I had already deleted the keystore from the AAB bundle. Are Screen1.lambda 159 and 160 the VersonCode and VersionName attributes in the AI2 Screen Design? I didn't blank them out, maybe they conflict with the Google Play ones?

"Leaked GCP API Keys

Your app contains exposed Google Cloud Platform (GCP) API keys. Please see this Google Help Center article for details.

  • appinventor.ai_kristhorsteinsson.ProSafLift.Screen1.lambda159
  • appinventor.ai_kristhorsteinsson.ProSafLift.Screen1.lambda160"

Thanks, Kris

Probably, in certain parts of your blocks, you have used text blocks for the API keys, or URLs that contain the API keys.


Replace them with Obfuscated Text blocks, so the API key will not be exposed that easily.


Thanks, Interesting obfuscating text blocks - I checked and can't see anything that contains API type text anywhere. I'm using an external extension "ListUtil", but it doesn't seem to have any similar problems highlighted.

The error message seems to have a specific problem with Screen1 "attributes" .lambda159 and .lambda160. I tried to delete VersionCode but AI2 requires an integer there. I wonder if I have to delete the Screen1 icon, maybe it conflicts with the one I uploaded to Google Play.

So I deleted the icon in AI2 to see if that was the problem and in order to upload a new release to Google Play I need to import a key certificate from Google Play, however, AI2 doesn't recognize the downloaded file that I got from here:

Am I missing something? I tried to upload a new release initially but got an error message about the signing not matching the first release.

Turns out that even with error messages I can still publish an app on Google Play. I thought only the warning messages were optional to correct.

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