Error message "App not installed"

Hi, every time I download my app it downloads fine onto my photo but when I try to install it, it says app not installed. I have allowed my files and chrome to download app from unknown source but it still doesn't download. How can I fix this?


How are you attempting to install the apk on your Android? Are you using a QR code, downloading the apk to your computer then doing something. How you install is important to know.

Have you looked in your device's downloads folder using the File control that is probably resident on your device?

Where does it say this? A screen capture would be helpful.

I install it using a QR code.

you already have a solution to your issue? You marked your latest contribution as solution...
if not, you might want to take a look at these threads Search results for '"app not installed"' - MIT App Inventor Community


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Hello Liezel

There are many different things that may fail an install. A very commonplace issue is an App icon that does not meet the Android Standard!

Take a look through my check-list: Cannot Build/Install/Run APK

I managed to download the app. I think the problem was that when the app downloaded a page opened on google and I didn't let it load as when it loaded it properly downloaded.

Thanks for your help

Hi dear , just go to play protect settings in play store
in general option just off the 2 slide buttons ,
then download and installed the APP


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