Error make table using webvieuw

i am trying to make a list with 3 colums that stay together like a table.
i found a extension to do so dentritas-table that works with webvieuw.
but it does not work. please help me.
i followed this tutorial: Hoe naar Scherm gegevens in Tafel Formaat in MIT App Uitvinder 2 - YouTube

this is the blocks and the error i get.

The extension is out of date with current file pathways.

Suggest you use Tableviewer instead

thank you tim for your help, but i only want to make a list with 2 colums that can be filled by the user. everything i find is to much for this goal.
is there any way to make the listdata option filled by a button?
its important that the list can be filled by the user.

If you want an editable table in a webviewer:


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The editable table in WebViewer is one of Taifun's Paid extensions.
Tim's link points to is not free.

This might be an alternative to your desire for an editable table that is free.

Well, it is not an extension, but it is a paid html example... and as it is already a few years old it might need an update...

@scavenger_Hunt Let me know if you are interested in this