Error information for the user

Hi. If the user does not fill in all the fields in my application. it displays an error and closes the application. I want to inform the user that he did not complete all fields and prevent the application from closing. What can i do?

Use an if..then statement to check if all the fields (TextBoxes??) contain data.
If they do have data, continue. If not, use a Notifier to tell the user he/she needs to fill in all the fields and at the same time, do not permit your code to try to execute with missing data.

Try some Blocks. If you have issues, post an image of the Blocks you tried.

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Instead of closing the app you can ask user to complete the form with incomplete mandatory data fields, with providing focus to that fields with no data.

Check below code segment, if it works for you

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it doesn't work for me, keeps showing error

how can i prevent code execution with missing data?

Hello, what error you are getting, please share, to root cause analysis. Since it was working to me.

It's a helpful implementation not exact, you might need to extract code according to your specific needs.

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I've tested your code, and it works seamlessly.

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