ERROR in Voice Calculator Tutorial app

I created the app as instructed in the tutorial.

And I found an error in which this app performs only one-digit multiplication successfully.

Last year, when I created the app as a tutorial, this app also multiplied more than two digits.

But this year, this app multiplies the first and second digits of the two digits after receiving speech recognition.

For example, if I multiply 20 by 20, the resultant value is 2 times 0.

How can I solve this problem? I need your help.

where is the tutorial ? and where is your blocks?

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Thanks for replying. The tutorial is provided by MIT APP Inventor Tutorials. There are several tutorials for making apps. Plus, I attached the pic.

show the recognized result and numberList on two labels, and check if they are same as expected.

As I expected, the result of 34*17 is 12.

I want to make 'select index 1 from global NumberList' '34' instead of '3'.

I found the solution!

I made the last seperator disabled, and the problem is solved!

Thanks for helping!!

Yes, if you split a string with empty string, it will be split at every single letter.

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