Error in username and password

hello i was working with pura php script for mysql database i put my username,password database name in the script and everything was working properly but since the website was down i transfered the php script to another hosting website,
when opening the new script a bad request message is shown but when using the queries a message with error in username and password error database connection failed connection refused 256, knowing that it is the same php script as before

Now i changed the hosting service that error is gone but a new error is apearing ehen inserting
“Cannot parse text arguments to list csv table” and another error 400 bad request nginx what is happening everything was working normally until that hosting stopped please help me i nust solve this problem quickly and if ther any server you can suggest for me tell ms the site

Guys please answer me here i need to be solved i have a project i must submit very quickly
Sorry for any inconvinience Error in username and password

If you read Taifun’s documentation:

Returns HTTP code 400 for any error with your SQL or setup

This issue is probably causing your list error as well. You need to work through your mysql setup and settings to check they are all correct for the hosting you are using

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Dear timAI2
I was hosting on 000webhostapp and everything was working normal then 000webhostapp stopped loading i don’t know why so i tried morr than hosting service to host php script with the same database server and it ianot working.
Please i need your help if you know any hosting service with the setting i must do please just tell me now i am hosting it here but 400 error isnshowing

According to the comments in the php script, “Bad request”, which is what you are getting back from the server could be:

Database Connection Issue
SQL Query issue
Secret Key issue

I would add more text to the last two “Bad request” echoes in the script to see where the problem lies

I changed all the echos , everyone with it is written error beside it but the error dosn’t changed and i tried to solve the other error which is list csv and inreplaced the list with the labelnand thats what i got in the 2 errors i ama.getting

This the ither error related to csv list
For sure it is not from mysql it is working properly

@TIMAI2 what do you figured out from these errors what should i do i am using now profreehost website for hosting

“This security system is mandatory on all free hosting accounts and cannot be disabled.”

Your free hosting needs JavaScript in your browser.