Error in sending project to app inventor gallery

**I have made an healthBot app that i want to publish to mit app inventor galleryThis text will be hidden. But it is showing error sending project to the gallery... I want to publish the pp i MIT app inventor app of the month but i am not able because of this...please solve out this problem as fast as possible...And tell that how can i post projects to mit app inventor gallery with only contains bmi calcuator extension and sc speechrecognizer...I have made the health bot app for aa noble cause that is everyone can take care of there health... so please help me out...

Unable to publish to app gallery with extensions. These are the rules, and you must conform to them. Use speechrecognizer built into appinventor, instead of bmi extension, calculate it yourself, it's just pure math and no extension needed.

Also, there is some hope in the future...

But as @Patryk_F said, there is NO need of the BMI extension.
You can calculate it using

BMI = m/