error in inventor app?

Good day,
I was working on an application, I went to download the .apk and I got this error Server error: could not save one or more files. Please try again later !, try to download another previously made application and that error also appears.
I would appreciate the collaboration of someone who can help me solve this error. thanks.

Can you save the aia project to your computer?

If I can save the .aia project on my computer. Add the application in another account with a personal email and I also get this error. What can cause this?

This generally happens to me when I am low on internet or some file is unable to be loaded, that could be a possibility for you too.

I would open up your aia project (using unzip software) and take a look at some of the files inside:

  1. The image files, especially any you have provided for an app icon
  2. The bky and scm files for any inconsistencies.

You could also try removing all image files from your project and see if that will compile.

As @Mayank_Kumar says, you could simply be suffering from a poor/non-existent internet connection.

Can you upload the .aia file then I 'll try it out.