Error in importing files from phone with Activity Starter

Hi I have done the following code to open activity starter but after selecting the files the image picture doesn't become the selection
blocks (1)
Please help

what is the result from the AfterActivity event in your case? an empty string?

now with SDK30 you will not be able to read arbitrary directories anymore, in your case the root directory of the internal (emulated) sdcard...

we theoretically still have access to shared storage... writing to shared storage for example /Download works (see some other threads), but as far as I know, reading from shared storage currently is not available? more tests need to be done...
see also


I want the result of the get content activity to appear as the image below.

But after I select the picture, it doesn't appear as the image. The image is just blank.

I tested the app with the Phone Companion

Or will this work?

it does not look like you read my previous answer

Thanks @Taifun got what I needed :slightly_smiling_face:

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