Error in CloudDb

I am getting this error again and again showing:
TimeoutException: Read timed

And also this Error:
CloudDBError: System Error getting tag Group1vis

Are you connected to the cloudDB?
Have you got the SSL box ticked ?

yes, i got that ticked

Are you using the MIT provided cloudDB (for testing...) ?

yes,i am connected

yes that itself

The server appears to be up and running OK. Check your connection details.

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Now its ok
I think that would be network error
Thanks for the help

Is there any other way to store data other than cloudDB and firebase?

php tinywebDB
php sqlite3
Google Sheets

but if you have poor network connectivity, you will get the same problems :wink:

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Its ok , I have 5G(really):grin:
but I dont know about the users

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