Error in closing application

Hi All,
My app has 2 screens. When the app is first launched and the user backpresses, then the Application gets closed as designed after showing a notifier.
However if the user has navigated to Screen 2 and then come back to Screen 1, then Backpressing calls the notifier, but the application does not get closed even after selecting the option to close.

Can you please give the aia

Can I know why is the "<" used to compare the strings?

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"No" < "Yes", so you got what you coded.

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But @ABG Sir,
When the user press "Yes" we want application to be closed so shouldn't it be "=" instead of "<".
Because "Yes" = "Yes"

@ Kaustubh_Rakhade

Of course, you are right in both posts.

I was cautioning the OP to read what he coded, because in coding,
you get what you asked for, not necessarily what you wanted.

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Oh, sorry I misunderstood.
(I thought you were telling me :sweat_smile:)