Error in Apple Developer enrollment "Unknown error occurred"?

I'm trying to enroll in Apples developer program but keep getting:
"We are unable to process your request. An unknown error occurred"?

I have tried 2 different 2-factor-enabled accounts, on Chrome, Safari, iPhone, and Apple Air on 3 different networks. still not able to get a developer account?

Any ideas on how to move on?

Are you talking about this:

Btw, this is not an AI2 related topic / question.

Yes, it is.
Sorry for posting in this group. But I don't know where to go. :upside_down_face:
Apple is not answering any attempt to solve and the internet is not of much help.

When / where exactly does the problem occur? Show screenshot(s).

I would be very surprised that Apple would cause problems if they can make money. :wink:

  1. Select your entity type: "Individual"
  2. Continue

"I was able to fix this by updating my payment information on my Apple ID."

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Thanks - I now have completed the registration at Apple. :innocent:

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