Error Importing the Project

When I am trying to import an aia project that was created using MIT app but on another account, it gives me the error: The blocks area did not load properly.

Can you guys help me? It is urgent...

DASPER_Assistant.aia (3.8 MB)

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More details needed:

on MIT do you mean on the main ai2 server, code server ?
have you loaded this aia project to any other distribution e.g. Kodular?
other account, is this just your log in account to App Inventor ?

Your aia project loaded fine for me on ai2 server...

You have an empty socket on Screen2

I created using the MIT App Inventor platform using a single account and then tried to import it into App Inventor to Java platform where I get this error.

I would like to convert the MIT project into Java to be able to open it in Android Studio and develop further.

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That is very unlikely to work, the java bridge project has been dead for years, and will be looking for a very different release of AppInventor even if it were to work.

Either develop on in AppInventor, or start from scratch in Android Studio.

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