Error From Companion with no details

Running a particular block produces this error on NOTE-II phone with Companion v2.60, Android 4.4.2.

Same block in Samsung S5 and Companion v2.60, Android 6.0.1 runs fine.

The error message has no other details, just an x mark in the corner of the block.


I tried setting up the When Screen1 Error Occurred block with displays, but it does not register there at all.

So I am stumped. I don't know what the error is, if any; and why it runs fine in one phone but not the other.

Is it possible to have some block commands be supported in one Android version and not another?

Can you show what you are doing? The content of the procedure block you are using.

Sorry, pasted the wrong image !

I can see you have empty sockets in your procedure. Maybe that is causing the problem.

Yes, if you think they make a difference bw Android versions, I will test by removing them.
right now I am in process of removing groups of blocks, trying to find the culprit.
Will report back later of the results.

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Finally located the problem. However, still do not understand why it works OK in one Android version and not the other, even though both use the same Companion version 2.60.

NOTE: The "x" errors are due to vars being local to the procedure. When I extracted add block, they popped up. Not related to the problem.

The top math/add block is composed of standard add block plus another add block inserted into its second slot, to create a three part add equation.

The bottom one is the math/add block, expanded using the gear icon to add another slot for the 3rd value.

The first one produces the silent no details error, whereas the second one runs OK.

I did not notice before that the math/add block could be expanded via the gear setting. So I was just adding another add block inside of the first one to increase the addition value slots.

I still am not sure if this is an error caused by me or there is something different in the way the companion code runs between Android versions.

Anyway, I hope that it might help someone else in the future.

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