Error from Companion: println needs a message


I'm trying to run the TMIC extension on App Inventor. After building the .aix file with Apache Ant (I've tried using both 1.10.1 and 1.10.13 versions), importing it to App Inventor and testing it with AI companion, the following error shows up:

Error from Companion: println needs a message

I believe this error has nothing to do with the extension code.

I've found very little information on setting up an extension development enviroment. Most topics about debugging are about using "Do it" to check developed blocks behaviours, but I believe this hole is a little deeper and requires inspection of the code itself. The best scenario would be having a console log to see more information about this error.

Thus, I don't know where to start searching for the cause of this error.

Has anyone got this error in a similiar situation? How do you, extension developers, set up your development enviroment and debug this kind of errors when they show up?

you can write your code in eclipse or vscode, then use RUSH or aixc to build an extension.