"Error from Companion" No description

I am trying to have a dictionary and pull questions and answers the users can chose from. But the companion keeps throwing me errors with no description about whats even wrong please help. Here is all my code.

Without even going into the logic of your blocks you have four (4) errors, two red and two yellow.

You need to resolve these first...

If you get errors, it really does help to tell us what the error says.

I suggest a simpler dictionary:

This has the fewest levels.

Here is a small incomplete version for you to test:

dictionary_of_evil.aia (3.9 KB)

(I did not wire the Question List Picker to let the user pick questions)

Thank You! simplifying the dictionary really helped.

This happened for me before too. The problem was that I was trying to get a value from a text (should be a dictionary. Not a text.) using the dictionary blocks. Maybe you are trying to do that in somewhere of your blocks too.

I noticed you have unfinished sockets.