Error from Companion: invoke: no method named `TapThreshold' in class

Most of my students have similar code. One student's code results in having the background image present, but the images that are supposed to bounce around the screen and be clickable are not visible and this message pops up. Previously, one of his code blocks had a 'network connection error' message on it. I've never seen these before and they are not related to the other similar entries (that I can tell). All other students' code is working on andriod and ios (??)
Thank you!
Enchancments_LightsOut.aia (308.7 KB)

I don't see anything in the project blocks that would cause that:

Double check the Companion version on your student's phone.

The project looks okay in the Unchive tool at Unchive

Also tested and could not replicate error

TapThreshold can also be specified as a designer property, and if it has been changed from the default App Inventor will try to configure the companion with the updated value. However, this requires the most recent Android companion (2.62) and is not yet implemented on iOS.

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