Error from Companion: error: invoke: unable to invoke method `initThunks` in object of type #!null

Hello, I am trying to make an app that is essentially galactica but with military-ish fighter jets. More specifically, in my game you shoot down enemy fighter jets with a fighter jet of your own that you control by tilting the screen and tapping on the screen to fire lasers. However, whenever the user dies and the game switches to the home screen, I get this error:

I am making this app for my APCSP class and we are working on our practice create project. I am also using an iPhone 7 on the 15.7.3 software. I am not sure if this is a bug with MIT App Inventor or if I am doing something wrong and just need help.
Here is my designer view and blocks. I am warning you that there is a lot of code, and I am not entirely sure which parts of the code could be causing error.

Here is the home screen designer view:

Here are the home screen blocks:

Here is the game screen designer view:

Here are the playing screen blocks (this links to a google drive file because I am having trouble uploading it directly to this post):

And here is the .aia file of my project (this file is also too big here is another google drive link):

Here is a link to a folder with both google drive files:


In android phone it will gives this..

( due to 10MB i removed two mp3 and tried..may be that could or may not...)

Could you give more context as to where this error occurred or was it under the same conditions that my error occurred?

The initThunks method is an internal method, and it's called in only three different locations as part of clearing and setting up the screen for display, and it is always called against the current screen, so the fact that it is claiming the screen is null is unexpected. Do you also see this error on simple projects, or a blank project? Which version of the companion are you running?