Error from Companion Authentication with Firedatabase

Hi, i'm facing an error since 2 days. I tried several tutos and red existing faq and post on this subject without to find a solution. To make it simple, i designed a screen to collect datas that i want to store in firedatabase with Google, i added the component FireDB :

On the Google side (Firebase Consol Google), i've created an empty db and set manually one record. I've also set the access rules as recommanded at 'true'
The app screen is empty : No blocks, for the moment. I just want to settle the connexion pb first.
Despite all theses efforts, i got the following message when i launch the app :

(mobile is under android 8.0)
Anyone can help me ? Thks a lot in adv :slight_smile:

The problem is with firebase's location. Do not why, but works only if firebase location is set to US-central. Since you can not change location once database is created, create a new project in firebase and set location to US-central

Hi dora_paz,
incredible but so true ! it works fine now :laughing:
Thks a lot. I'm very happy, i can now continue to develop my application.
It seems strange anyway, why Google propose differents locations and only one (US) is running ok.?
Anything to see with the MIT FirebaseDB component ?
again thks, i didn't find anywhere any mention of that and i think it could be usefull for other developper

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Glad I could help :slight_smile:

Hello Lvan18

For all things Firebase, visit TimAI2's website during your coffee break.

Hi Chris,
I had a visit to the site, but coffee break is not enough :slight_smile: maybe also during lunch, dinner ... :grin:
I just start (a i really appreciate) to work with AI2. Comming from old progammer in VB there is so much to discover. Have a nice day

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Hi Loic. So, that's the first thing you need to fix - the length of your coffee breaks :grin:

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