Error firebase email

Hello friends, I'm trying to put an email box for authentication via Firebase but the error below is appearing. From what I understand, firebase does not accept special characters is that right?

Is there any other way around this.

A second doubt, could someone share an article where I may be authenticating via social network (facebook, google).

The third question, I would also like an article to make a calendar in my app.

"Invalid Firebase path: Firebase paths must not contain '.', '#', '$', '[', or ']'
Note: ,You will not see any errors announced for the next 5 seconds."

Projeto_Luiza.aia (996.3 KB)

  1. Correct. You cannot use a . in a tag. Either remove it, or use a tag called email and set the email address as a value. Or learn about firebase authentication and secure rules, which together will allow users to sign up / in to your Firebase with an email and password.

  2. Can't help much with your second doubt, but you might again use Firebase Authentication for that....

  3. Here is one way to make a calendar in your app, just using blocks.
    Otherwise search the community for calendar

Very Thanks for you help @TIMAI2, you are save me. S2

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