Error Code "canvas cannot draw the shape with bad point list"

Im trying to make a trail appear after the mower to make it look like its mowing the lawn for a school project. Can someone help me figure out what "canvas cannot draw the shape with bad point list" means.

The list of points you feed your block to draw a points list is being poisoned by the letters x and y that you joined to your coordinates.

ok so what blocks would I use to tell its the x and y. I have tried using sprits x and y and I get the same error code

You do not need to add the x's and y's

DrawShape( pointList , fill )

Draws a shape on the canvas. pointList should be a list contains sub-lists with two number which represents a coordinate. The first point and last point does not need to be the same. e.g. ((x1 y1) (x2 y2) (x3 y3)) When fill is true, the shape will be filled.


list = ((10,20),(20,20),(20,30),(10,30))

Please export your project and post it here.

Final_project.aia (206.9 KB)

Ok there you go

Here's my best shot, without starting up an art program.
Final_project_ABG.aia (207.7 KB)

The mower image distorts when it turns.
I suspect you will need 4 mower images, one per orientation.
Those should be easy to make using a program like IrfanView or Paint.

I rarely use images, so that's a guess.

I rethought my drawing approach, and decided on a 50 by 50 px swath, regardless of direction, without changing the sprite dimensions ...

The blocks are draggable into the Blocks Editor

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