ERROR: Can't find class file for Screen 'Screen2'

Hello, I always get such an error and do not overcome the problem (compiling appinventor/ai_samiaalr55/X_O/Screen1.yail to appinventor.ai_samiaalr55.X_O.Screen1)
(compiling appinventor/ai_samiaalr55/X_O/Screen2.yail to appinventor.ai_samiaalr55.X_O.Screen2)

ERROR: appinventor/ai_samiaalr55/X_O/Screen2.yail line 30: duplicate declaration of 'back'

[GenerateClasses] ERROR: Can't find class file for Screen 'Screen2'
[GenerateClasses] Task errored in 2.434 seconds

Go through your project and in the Designer rename all back buttons to btnBack to avoid a nb194 bug.

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