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I was building an app with some changes but it started to show an error. I removed what I added so it was the same as the last time I build the apk but it keeps showing an error as shown bellow. Can someone help me?


Thank you.

With a DX time of 49 seconds after a Kawa compile time of 8 seconds, you might be reaching the time limit for a service request from the server(s).

Try exporting your ..aia file and building on the server, and also see if you can reduce your block count using

  • procedures
  • generic events
  • Media files for builtin tables

Thank you for your response.

I tried building it on the but it shows the same error.

I don't understand why this doesn't build anymore and it build earlier

I have one screen and several Vertical Arrangements that turn visibility on and off and they act like screens. Is it better to change it to be a screen, for this kind of error or it is the same?

Thank you

how many components did you use (number of buttons, labels, textboxes etc) and how many blocks altogether in that screen?

Also see here


Was it really the same? Are you certain your 'fixed' code reverted to exactly the pre changes state?

Try loading an aia of the Project made before you made " some changes". What happens?

I figure it out.

The problem was when I added this extension to the screen

After I removed it, it builded with no problems. Now I have to find another extension that does the same and it works.

Thank you all

great, that you found the issue...
@Juan_Antonio, the author of that extension might be interested to understand, what is going on...

I have done a bare minimum with the three extensions and I can create and install the apk.
borrar_test_extensions.aia (344.0 KB)

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