Error building APK after MIT App Inventor version nb182 released

Hi, today I tried to test a change in Icon image in my apps, and in both cases, there was an error on building APK (both, QR and save computer):

“Build failed! Reflecting exception for userid 111397601058173897429 projectId 4737487507423232, original exception java.lang.RuntimeException:$1@61be6f4d: Unexpected cause of ExecutionException”

Could be a problem with recent released version?, because prior to that it works fine.

I hope you can help me.


Hi @Carlos_Perez,

We’re able to build projects here without issues. Do you have issues building every app, or just that particular app? Do we have your permission to access your account in order to debug the issue?

Hi Evan, thanks for your response.

I authorize you the access for debugging process.


Hi again.

I checked few minutes ago, and the problem is solved.

Thank you for your supoort.


Hello, I have the same error, how can I solve it, the application does not exceed 33 mb, why

Search the forum next time.

Does that error

still happen after deleting some assets?
You might want to provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks...