Error : Build Server not compatible with Appinventor version none!

Friends, I used to develop appinventor on local pc but, I am unable to run it. Whenever i run it, it shows error build server not compatible with appinventor version none, however, I have latest sources

Please help me

By default, the buildserver will only build apps where the sender matches. If you've made changes, you need to rebuild both pieces of the software and re-run them otherwise the version numbers will not match up. If you're on Windows in particular, it's sometimes the case that killing the ant RunLocalBuildserver command doesn't actually kill the child process running the buildserver, so you end up with a copy that is based on a previous build.


So what is the solution for it sir ?

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The easiest solution is to run an ant clean and then ant noplay to rebuild both modules. Once you've done that run the dev server and build server.