Error, Bug in the AI2

Hello, today I opened my project to continue working on it and I encountered an error, the visual part of the components is disorganized and it does not look as it really is. However, on the cell phone, connected by the Companion, the whole design is visible. What is happening?? What can I do to fix it??? Did they update the server???

Some component set visible to false?

No, all the components are visible... a bug error appears. I really don't understand why. When I am modifying the design, the bug error appears and it is saved that way. I hope I don't lose the projects because of that.

what exactly is a bug error? Can you elaborate? Also a screenshot might be helpful?

Export your .aia and post it here for analysis

For privacy reasons for my client, I cannot export the entire project and upload it... I hope you understand, but I have made some screenshots of the error. the visual part, when you design the apk, it seems to be distorted, or something like that.... but as I said before, in the apk companion, the design looks good...something super strange

Bug AI2-1

you could send it in a PM to @Boban... he does have the most experience in repairing broken projects...

alternatively import your latest backup and restart from there

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