Error- Bad arguments of operation not accepting any argument

Hello everyone, I am working on my final year project.
I have taken this project from the below mentioned vlog:
Smart Home Security System With Automatic Phone Calling System (

I have followed every step that was mentioned in the site. Uploaded code to arduino, done with connections of bluetooth model, adruino uno and pir motion sensor. Also designed application as described in the site using MIT app inventor. While opening application, i am having this error ‘The opertion > cannot accept the arguments:,[“”],[10] ‘. Hereby i am attaching layout, block diagram and error.

I hope to get solution for my problem.

Clock1 timer must be turned off when bluetooth is not connected. After successful connection, you turn on the timer.

Thank you for your reply. So where am i suppose to make changes in the block diagram. It will be a great help.

In the designer, in the clock1 component unselect the "TimerEnabled" value.
In the "AfterPicking" block under "Label1.text.connected" add the block "set.Clock1.TimerEnabled = True"

Yes friend, i followed your suggestions.
Now the block diagram looks like this

And anything else am i suppose to do?
Btw great thanks to you for your time and help.

Thank you friend, i am not facing that error now. I will come to you if i find any error. And please let me know if i am suppose to change anything else or not? Thank you very much

If there are any errors, please ask.

This is my new block diagram as changes mentioned by you in the second last block of purple color, I have made it call phonecall1 .makephonecalldirect instead of call phonecall1 .makephonecall .
Now the problem is, my application is supposed to generate a phone call when motion sensor detects motion. But what actually happening is, It is dialing the registered phone number, but a pop up arrives that call is not sent. Need your guidance.

Sorry sir, actually phone call is generated and i received the same to my registered mobile number, But still in application pop up of 'call not sent' is arriving and i think when i connect my application with bluetooth HC05, it is generating phone call directly, but when i made any motion in front of motion sensor no phone call is generated. As the project is when motion sensor detects any motion, then and only than call is supposed to be generated. So simply when i connect my application with bluetooth HC05, ionly then it is generating call, not when motion sensor detects any motion. What can be done now?

What is this motion sensor? What is your motion sensor connected to? Under the arduino? So show your whole code for arduino.

Above shown are the 4 images as described below:

1). It is the block diagram of actual hardware connection of Arduino UNO , Bluetooth HC05 and Motion Sensor.
2) It is the code that is uploaded to the arduino uno.
3) The picture shows which component of arduino UNO is to be connected to which components of bluetooth HC05 and PIR motion sensor.
4) The last pic displays the latest blocks of application as for now.

Now the project is, whenever anyone enters your room, When the PIR motion sensor detects any human motion it will trigger Arduino UNO, the Arduino sends a number over Bluetooth to our Android app and the app will automatically call on the phone number that we have set earlier.

But the problem is, when i connect my application with Bluetooth HC05, it generates call directly to registered user, but when i perform any motion against motion sensor, no phone call is generated.

By the grace of god, I have completed my project, thank you for your support and inputs, they mattered a lot.