Error add file csv in list

i have these two txt files created as csv, one works the other does not, it makes the error "Cannot parse text argument to" list from csv table "as a CSV-formatted table" it's been a while that I have been looking for the error but nothing, can you help me? I attach the two fileslistaspesa1000.txt (35.0 KB) listaspesa1550.txt (51.7 KB)

Line 295 extra set of double quotes breaking the format

"0782575859085","PUFF"N PLAY","2.5"

convert to

"0782575859085","PUFF N PLAY","2.5"

and all is well

listaspesa1550.csv (51.7 KB)

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Grazie 10000!

For what it is worth, with a decent text editor that highlights "code", it can be quick and easy to find things like this:


This was in Mousepad on Xubuntu Linux

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