Error accept data Weekday, Weekday Name


I have tried all the options with the blocks you see below the error message, but it always comes out.
I have tried both Weekday and WeekdayName.
I tried MM/dd/YYYY, MM/dd/YYYY hh:mm:ss, dd/MM/YYYY.
I tried putting makeistant first and then after weekday.
I need to know if the date in the textbox is Sunday or not.
I do not know what to do.
Thanks for your help.

In order to work date format should be in the form of MM/dd/YYYY. How do you set date in textbox ?

Something like this:


Thanks for your answer.
How you can see, I set the day in the format MM/dd/YYYY, and then dd/MM/YYYY I tried both systems.

Thanks for your answer.
Why "random..."?
I already have a date in the textbox "datario".
If I change everything you put in blue with the textbox, does it work?
And How have I to change it? Just put clock.year istant = datario.text and so on?
Or I meet another error message?

In a textbox I can write date in all forms, for example 23/6/2021, 6/23/2021, 6-23/2021 ..etc. It is better to create 3 textboxes, set them to use only numbers

image and then

Now it works, thanks dora_paz.
But, can you explain me how I should have to do in my case, where I have one only text box which takes the value of the date from a datapicker. I understand when you say that in a textbox we can write in many different ways, dd-mm-yyyy, mm/dd/yyy, mm;dd;yyy, etc... but starting from a datapicker to a textbox or, better, to a label, there is no danger of making a mistake.
Thanks for your teaching, I appreciate it.

I see a common thread in the OP's code that needs to be addressed.

Blocks that eat Instants need to be given Instants.
Pieces of text are not Instants.

Shield your eyes, I am about to show what you what is in an Instant
(scroll down)

It's enough to melt your eyeballs.

That was just an example, for testing purposes. You apply whatever instant you want.