Error 908 - The permission SEND_SMS has been denied

Hi Everybody,

I am trying to do a project for college and I want to be about to Send a direct message to my phone in response to an input. At the moment I am just checking if I can manually send a direct SMS to my phone using a button. When I try to do this I am getting the below error on my Al Companion.

Any work arounds would be greatly appreciated as this is the core of my project.



  • Send the Text message to your own phone number.
  • Use Companion 2.66u . You need the u version to expose the SendmessageDirect Block.
  • do this using a real cell phone with an active account. It will not work using an emulator

This code should work to send a text message to your phone that you can read using your phone's default Texting app. It works for me. :astonished:


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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply.. I tired this and it didn't work ..

Sorry for my ignorance - how do i get Companion 2.66u?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Show your Blocks please.



That worked .... Thanks so much Steve much appreciated :slight_smile:

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