Error 908 The permission READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE has been denied

I'm asking for help on a hotly debated topic. This is the infamous "Error 908 The permission READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE has been denied".
Many of you asked and many of you responded.
Many answers but they never clarified and solved the problem once and for all. In particular expert users who give the clear and simple solution, explained in all details, especially for beginners like me.
I can write the file in the internal memory of the SP, but I CAN'T READ the same file (just saved). How can I solve it?
PS: I don't post any projects or photos as my APP is very simple and involves reading and writing a text file.
Thanks to everyone who will try to help me

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Yes, this is another known bug (at least to me - on Android 13+). Use my MFile extension. And always post your blocks so that we don't have to puzzle over what exactly it's about.

(I'm fairly versed in permissions issues, so I can draw appropriate conclusions.)

On Android 13+ there is no longer READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission. READ permission is only required on Android < 11. But it is incorrectly requested also on Android 11+. On Android 11 and 12 there still is READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission, so it works after this permission is granted. But it should of course also work without storage permission.

Thanks for your help, it seems to work for now (with the Mfile1 extension instead of File).
I try to paste the blocks onto the message

This will only work on Android 11+. You must request WRITE permission on Android < 11.

YES, YES ; Thank you. I got it, but for now I'm happy with it only working on Android 13 on my SP. I still have a lot of editing to do.