Error 702. unable to prepare URL

This code always give an error of "Error 702. Unable to prepare http://...

Check this in a browser:

There must be something wrong.

I directly copied the link
So how can that be wrong?

It should be like this (https://.../music.mp3, .ogg, .m4a, ...):

or this:

All these possibilties,......m4a
gave the same error

As a matter of fact there is no other code which would hinder

As I said, check these links in a browser on your PC.

Check this one (rain sound, 7 sec):

Hi @Aditya_Deshpande Welcome
I am unable to find Start method in your blocks.
It worked
But what about my link?

Yes, but the error comes only from the wrong source.

As I said, try this:
Now again its not working!

I don't know about Player but what I came to know while making Screen Recorder extension that:
Media related components throw illegal state exception when we try to use a media object without initializing it properly.

Of course, it is working. Maybe you have to wait a few seconds until the sound starts playing.

it gave an error

Try this: playFromUrl.aia (9.9 KB)

Make sure that URL directly points to a media file.

I'm afraid its still the same stinking problem
Anyways thank you so much for your time

Which device / Android version?

Try this (wait a few seconds and press Button1 (Play):

Means you get "Error 702". I don't think so, because the link in my test aia is definitively correct.