Error 702 : unable to prepare https://dr

Hi, I'm new to this forum :yum: and I have already read a lot here without finding a solution to my problem. :slightly_frowning_face:

I'm trying to play an mp3 file from Google Drive, using the 'player'. But the message Error 702: unalbe to prepare https://drive.googl..... still appears when I press the "play" button.

I have already tried all the solution ideas I have found proposed on this forum. But I still have this "Error 702..." message popping up.

  • My file is shared in public.
  • My MP3 file meets the standards.
  • My MP3 file is not too large ( <2Mo).
  • Google drive link is correct :
  • Both on my mobile phone or on the MIT-emulator.

The entire error message : Error 702: unalbe to prepare

Any ideas ?

Thank you very much

Fabien from Belgium (sorry for my poor english :wink: )


nope...that will try to open the google music player in a browser

I answered a very similar question 3 days ago:

Thanks a lot !

My mistake was "file/d/" instead of "uc?id=" in the link to the file on GoogleDrive. :+1:
Timai2, you're the best. Thank you for taking the trouble to answer me.


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