Error 701 when trying to read an MP3 file from firebase

Hi everyone, I got a problem when (as I said in the title) I try to read an MP3 file stored in my firebase, so idk if it's my path to it or my bloks (see below), any help would be appreciated, thx !

The exact error I've got is

Error 701: Unable to load Path to my firebase storage/myMP3file

if you want any precision that can help just ask !
Thx again, Brice

What is the value coming back from Firebase?
What are the read permissions for your mp3 files, which I assume are on Firebase Storage ?

And that looks like the wrong url...

Edit: It works, thx a lot !
I'll write down the solution below in case of someone had some issues doing it.

So, the url i used was'nt the good one, here is the direct url link:
The mediaPlayer can read it.
But, if you want to skip the unique token, you have to change the firebase permissions to allow reading without this token:

 >match /{allPaths=**} {
 allow read;
    allow write: if request.auth != null;

With this, you can read the media without the token part.

Here's the blocks for a better understanding.

Thx again @TIMAI2 !

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