Error 701 wav file not loading

Simple wav file not loading.Getting "error 701 unable to load .wav file " and “error 703 unable to play file”.
Kindly find enclosed the jpg of designer environment.The corresponding wav files are also uploaded in the project as can be seen from the jpg.

Should work with Companion and APK.

Tested with Companion or APK? Device & Android version?

Tested with companion and since it was not working tested as apk also.As mentioned the initialize block was removed.Still error 701 and error 703 persists

Device: Lenovo Model Z2 plus
Android 7.0


Strange, try this:


If that doesn’t work either, try using the Player component.

.wav files are not supported! You can convert it to an mp3, that should be fine.

Really ?

…by the sound player?

Wav files work there too.

Stand corrected - I always though they didn’t :open_mouth:

I did following only. (kindly find jpg enclosed). No error message is received and the file is playing. I don’t know what is the difference in this code and earlier one. Seems illogical

Maybe your device needs some time to get the source, so put the Sound.Source in another block beforehand and then play it or use a timer.

Try this:

Thanks for the suggestion