Error 601 on navigation (using ActivityStarter)

Can someone please help me :pray:? I can't find out what's wrong.

Try this way

same error

Works fine for me, what do you put in textbox ? Also another way to test it is by using lat and lng

I put the name of the street

Are you testing on a real device or with an emulator ?

Try to test with coordinates and see if it works

I tested it on the app "MIT AI2 Companion"

I write them on the text box, right?

on a real phone / device?

on my phone

Like this

but where the user will type the lat and lng?

Does it work for you this way ?

nope, it doesn't

One last attempt

it gaves me error 601

You might try

Remember, your CasellaDiTesto1 must contain an address. The TextBox cannot be blank or empty.

This example uses a very simple address:
St. Peters Vatican City and displays it.

If you type a street address, you also might be required to type a city and province.

If you need to show a route from your present location to St. Peters Vatican City, you need different code. What are you trying to navigate from and to? Can you share what you are typing in CasellaDiTesto1 ?

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The user of the app can see 20 car parks, he writes the street where the car park is in the casella di testo 1 and the starting point is where the user is (thanks ti the location sensor, right?)

yeah I need to show the route. Which one is it???