Error 601: "No Corresponding Activity was found" launching Google Play Adobe Acrobat page

Hi, I’m trying to launch a Google Play Store page for an Adobe Acrobat PDF app using an activity starter, but a compiled apk gives an error 601 when the DataUri is set to market://details?id=com.adobe.reader (and also in case of DataUri=https ://

Tested compiled on Android 13, no issues here, both links happily go to the play store adobe PDF page

Unfortunately both are producing errors compiled on Android 14 . I tested it on my OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 8T

Both options works here. Tested with Companion on Android 14 (Samsung device)

It doesn't work from my app, but it works as a separate simple project. I'll try to understand the reason and will publish the result. Thank you

I was trying to display a PDF file choosen by the user using an activity starter by setting the Activity.Class and ActivityPackage to Adobe Reader:

In case Adobe Reader was not installed, I encountered a Screen.error 601. To handle this, in screen1.error I launched an activity starter to display the Adobe page in the Google Play Store for its instalation. The error occurred because the Class and Package properties remained from the previous call to the activity starter, which resulted in another error 601.
Once I cleared these properties, the problem disappeared:

Thank you again!

Usually before trying to open abother app you would check, if the app is available on the device

For that purpose you can use the ResolveActiviry method

For an example see here App Inventor Code Snippets | Pura Vida Apps


Hi Taifun, I was thinking of using ResolveActivity, but I preferred another solution.
In reality, I’m using Activity Starter in many places (for example, for mailing, to show/edit different file types for which Activity Starter will show the user available Apps, to pass parameters, etc.). There could be different situations when a few of Activity Starter properties could continue to have values from previous calls.

In case of intensive usage of Activity Starter, I suggest creating a procedure that cleans all Activity Starter properties and call it at the end of all 3 Activity Starter events: ActivityCancelled, ActivityError, and AfterActivity

blocks (5)
blocks (4)
blocks (3)

In this way, any call to Activity Starter will clean properties that will avoid possible dangerous situation.

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