Error 515: Not connected to a Bluetooth device problem

Hi everyone,
I want to built a program which i will connect a bluetooth than that program will take me to the another screen which names ' Areas '. on that screen i will pick one of seven area after that again there will open another screen and i will pick a product. This product will send a number to my bluetooth device and arduino will work according to the codes I have written before.
When i connect to my HC-06 module there is no problem, its connecting but when i choose a product, program says me '' Error 515: Not connected to a Bluetooth device ''. I'm newbie about that please can you help me ?
Thanks for all advice

blocks (2)

Bluetooth does not work with multiple screens. Bluetooth disconnects when switching screens. Instead of using screens, use several arrangements that you can show and hide. You can also connect to bt on this screen where you read or write data.

i will write bt connect codes to the last page where i read or write data, am i right ?

Yes, if you want to use multiple screens, you need to connect to bt on each screen where you want to use bt. But for safety, before when you change the screen, disconnects from bt even though it disconnects itself.

I did it. This time there is no error but when i select product, there is nothing happens (not write data to my arduino)

The blocks are ok and send bytes. The problem must be in the arduino code.

Yeah when i change the send1ByteNumber to SendText it works. Thanks for all your help have a nice day

Yes, because in arduino you are reading text, not bytes.

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