Error 515: Not connected to a Bluetooth device. need help

So when i use my bluetooth in arduino and then go on to mit after uploading my code to the arduino and connecting to the bluetooth on phone it says when i press the buttons that not connected to a bluetooth device and im so confused can someone help me

After doing a search here in the community you will find several threads about this, for example


i cant find anything that helps it :sob:

  1. Ask for permission as explained in the thread I linked earlier

  2. Rather than using the evaluate but ignore result block use an if statement to connect Iike this

If Connect Listpicker1.Selection
Then set Label1.Text to connected
Else set Label1 Text to not connected
  1. Do a search for 515
    Search results for '' - MIT App Inventor Community

  2. Whjch Android device and Android version are you using for your test? Did you try another device?