Error 507, unable to connect

These are my blocks , I am getting error 507, the laptop shows paired but when I work with this app, this gives "Error 507, Unable to connect, is your device on?" . This is a bluetooth application. I am using an android smartphone. Please correct these blocks. I am searching for about 1 month but not getting anything. Thankyou .

I think you can find a solution here :

Plz can you do it for me , it will be a favour. Please sir

Please do this :

get an image of your blocks (→ right mouse click in Blocks area)

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Hi Utakarsha

Can you tell us more about your setup?

  1. Make, Model, and OS version of your Android Phone.
  2. Make, Model, OS, and OS version of your target device (Laptop?).
  3. Exact Bluetooth version of each device.

Also, make a proper image of your Blocks - right mouse in the Blocks work Area and select "Download Blocks as Image" from the menu.

plz help me work this out as i have this project submission.

MOBILE : Samsung A30, Android 10.
LAPTOP: Lenovo IdealPad Slim 3.

plz can you do it for me Chris? I have a project.

why don't you take data that has been sent to another cellphone

I didn't get you. By the way i am weak in english. please can you do something so that i will be able to use the application, it will be a great favour for me Salman. Please . Thankyou very much.

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First, what is your purpose of sending text using bluetooth

Hello Utakarsha

You have not provided all the information I asked for.......

see Salman, I have a android circuit in proteus application and an arduino code in Arduino Ide. My project is to do " Voice Controlled home Automation". So if i speak "fan ON"v , the circuit should simulate according to the commands, thats why i want this app to work.

What exactly do you want Chris? Can you give an example as my English is a bit weak

Please see my post - I list the exact info needed.

Okay, i got it

Can you plz resolve this error ??

i will try :grin:

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Thankyou very much Salman :blush: :blush:

I dont have a lot of knowledge of MIT App building. I watched a video on youtube and build this app.