Error 507, unable to connect. is this device turned on?

I am trying to run a simulation on proteus in which i need to send data from my phone to hc05 bluetooth module in proteus. above are the blocks of my app. and the error occurs whenever i try to connect to my pc's bluetooth.
can someone tell what is it that I am missing / doing wrong?

Welcome @YASH_SONI

Here are some discussions in the Community regarding how to use the hc05 ; . One of them may help you understand what might be required.

I'm not an expert in Bluetooth, but is the Bluetooth device turned on?

it looks like you are testing in an emulator...
what happens, if you try a real device?


yes, everything is setup perfectly, and device is also turned on

same thing happens with both virtual and physical devices.

Hi Yash_Soni
I have the same problem.
Have you been able to solve it?

What exactly is a "proteus" Yash_Soni?

hi if your problem is not solved search the community or create a topic

In my case I was using an HM-10 which is bluetooth LE type.
I have used an HC-05 and everything is working fine now. The HC-05 is bluetooth Classic type.

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