Error 4200: Chatbot

I am trying to create an app using 'ChatBot' function. It is showing error 4200.

So now how to resolve?

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Hello Aman,

There are a few problems with your code.

  • The Model property you set is wrong. The Model is not A1. From the Google Doc in the official documentation of the component:

    Currently, Model is for future use and does nothing.

    So, delete the setter.

    You probably did this because you saw my extension, which used model codes (A1-A4, B1-B2). If you have read the documentation for the OpenAI extension, you will see that thiese codes correspond to model names. I used these codes for convenience so that you don't need to type much, but this only applies to my extension.

  • You didn't show the error message. You said that the error code is 4200, but this information is too generic. This code applies to all errors that are invoked by the ChatBot component. We don't know if your API key has expired, the quota is used up, or something else. Please post the full error message.

Also, the new line code is \n not n/.



Take out the block to set the Token. The Token property is a security mechanism for talking to the proxy. You may need to use "Connect > Refresh Companion Screen" after removing the block to reset the internal state of the chatbot.


took out still not working

Hi, did you fix it?

they will not tell
still not working

did it work?