Error: 4003 routing service failed with status 404 not found

how to fix "Error: 4003 routing service failed with status 404 not found" even if I already got an api key from open route service that is still has sufficient quota?

Thank you!

Show your settings for the routing service

Error: 4003 routing service failed with status 404 not found- same with my working app.

it just happened about an hour ago also.

Note: my app was working since last month, only today it has this error.

If somebody knows how to fix the issue, please help us. thank you

A 404 error would indicate that the service wasn't found. We haven't touched that component in a few years now, so if it's intermittently giving a not found error it may be a server-side issue from the routing service.

@Cindy_Memije Open Route Service fails (error 404) when

  • the latitude and or longitude are not correct values. It can happen when you have issues with your LocationSensor that are providing errors because the LocationChanged event has not fired prior to your Destination request RequestDIretions and you use the LS to provide the latitude and longitude. Or you may have coding errors.

See Maps documentation.
Use DoIt to show the StartLocation and EndLocation you are using in your Navigate.Click button.

  • either the StartLocation or EndLocation is not near a road in the ORS database.

  • the StartLocation and EndLocation a separated by a body of water with no roads connecting them. An example might be a location in North America an a location in Europe or one on a small island to the mainland.

Have you seen this example?

I'm having the same issue as well; I've been using something similar to SteveJG's tutorial and it last worked for me on April 8th so I believe its a server issue.

I'm having a similar problem, it may be the server's issue but I hope someone can check my blocks since I'm just a beginner.

PS: I did not enable user location, I intended for it to be like that because I have a target area for the navigation which I am not in for testing. I want the navigation origin and destination to be in a certain place that I am not in right now.

See here ?

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