Error 400 issue - Uploading File to Dropbox

I have a long thread where got kicked out after updating the phone from Android 9 to 10, that problem is solved now. I have change the path so I can se the picture image2 but when I call web2 I got the following error.

Error in call to API function "files/upload": HTTP header "Dropbox-AP!-ARG": could not decode as JSON.

So unfortunatelly I'm forced to ask for help once more

What does running Do It on various elements return ? Especially filename.....

I suspect you are steamrolling a list of files when you squeeze it through a .Text field.
I haven't used that FileList extension, but I expect a value block with List in its name would return a list, so decide which item number you want and do a list select to get it.

I have run "do it" where its possible and .....

Have you tested a simplified version of this to upload to dropbox? Does that work ?

No... But I made myself a big cup of coffe :wink:

When You use this method You have the full path to to the file but You have some junk in the end

Path "/storage............/123456.jpg"]

I removed that in lblFileName.text but forgot "set filename to" ....

Works Now....

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