Error 400 Google no me permite entrar a mi cuenta

Google me dice que no puedes iniciar sesión en esta aplicación porque no cumple con la política OAuth 2.0 de Google destinada a mantener segur

as las aplicaciones.

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I also get this when trying to sign into the code server with Google

I am able to "continue without an account"

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Same thing

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Si te permite continuar sin cuenta, pero si trabajas sobre alguna app en tu cuenta :frowning: como recuperas, en ocasiones después de muchos intentos me permite entrar, pero deseo saber como solucionarlo para trabajar desde mi cuenta sin tener este problema

MIT are aware of the problem and are working on it.


We believe that this has been fixed on our end as of yesterday evening. If you are continuing to experience issues please let us know. for me, this what happens whenever i try to sign in

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Seems to be a different problem, since the original topic was about

Edit: So far, I can't seem to reproduce the issue.

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